High Speech

by Tigress

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This is the first of many singles we will be recording and releasing in the coming months. This is the first time we've recorded ourselves with no outside help so every well captured tone is its own little victory. Many thanks to those who'll download and enjoy our song, our friends and family who shell out cash to see us play on a monthly basis and to all the bands we've had the pleasure to play with this past year.


released October 11, 2012



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Track Name: High Speech
I have been wandering under monochrome skies
Faithfully I pursue a man with black eyes
I am the bastard of this terracotta waste
And when I find my foe, he'll throw it in my face
I'm here to give you trouble, I'll help you lose controls
And when the dust it settles I'll be your turncoat

You ride bright, veiled by night but I've got news for you

When you come in sight your skin will run white
When death it comes for you
You can't outrun my high speech, my warm guns
Yes I have news for you